You Will Be Shocked When You See These 102 Year Old Photos

Old photographs are always great to look at. They bring back so many memories from the past with just one sight of them. While the photographs shown here are attached to a vintage vibe and date back to the 70s, they will still transport you to a life that excluded the technology we have today. They tell you how taking a stroll at the park or going to the beach wasn’t really a regular thing to do. Now, we don’t want to spoil the whole fun, why don’t you look at these photos and see for yourselves what they do for you?

1. Autochrome Lumière


The French brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumière, were the main figures in the development of the Autochrome Lumière. Though they made many improvements beforehand, they proved impractical and unsuccessful. Autochrome is a process where photos are produced using glass photographic plates that are coated in potato starches and are filtered through dyes. With the help of this technology, these regular black and white photos were brought to life with colours.


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