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Top 15 Most Bizarre World Records Made By Indians

India is home to not only some of the most unique but also to some very weird and interesting people. It has one foot in the past with the other in the future. The country is also houses more than 1.2 billion people, so we can naturally expect to come across some crazies from among them. This list is about those people who broke some very peculiar Guinness World Records. Take a look at 15 of the most bizarre ones that were made by Indians.

1. World’s Largest Condom Mosaic

India is currently facing countless problems due to population explosion. If you are an internet user, you will most certainly be aware of the reasons for this. Hence, creating a mosaic made out of condoms was an attempt to create an awareness among people, and to encourage them to use this efficient, easily available contraceptive, not only to control population, but also reduce the risk of STDs.


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