15 Most Intelligent People In World History

Intelligent People In World History .We know these people are exceptionally intelligent and talented. But just how intelligent are they compared to each other? Making a list of the smartest people who ever lived may not be a smart thing to do. After all, intelligence can be measured in a variety of ways. Some believe in IQ tests, others place more importance in emotional intelligence. There’s also something to be said about having accomplishments. Being intelligent is not the same as using that intelligence to create something that no one else can, to somehow advance humanity, to be smarter than everyone.

Intelligent People In World History Many smart people do not live up to their potential. It is also true that prejudices and lack of opportunities have surely prevented some brilliant people from reaching their full potential and being recognized. Here are 15 of the most intelligent individuals in the world:

1. Johann Wolfgang von Goeth

Goethe was a German poet, novelist, playwright, politician, and diplomat. He’s best known for his literary works, such as, ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther,’ ‘Sturm und Drang,’ and ‘Faust.’ Although he’s best regarded as a literary genius, Goethe was also involved in scientific studies, particularly in the field of natural science. He had a wide collection of minerals as part of his extensive studies in geology.


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