10 Special Force Operations That Took An Unexpected Turn

Special Force Operations That Took An Unexpected Turn Ingenious battle plans are whipped up all the time to end a conflict or war as quickly as possible. Sometimes, these plans don’t turn out as planned, for some or the other reason. It makes one wonder as to what would have happened, had it turned out the way it was intended to in the first place. Read on to learn more about ten such war plans that could have changed history completely, had they concluded in a completely different way.

1.Operation Vegetarian

During World War II, Britain decided that it was probably time for some out-of-the-box thinking. Thus, began the ironically-titled “Operation Vegetarian.” Started in 1942, Britain devised linseed cakes filled with anthrax, and dropped them onto German fields. Cattle would then eat them, with the population then eating the meat and passing the anthrax onto the humans, killing millions and creating a food shortage.


Britain’s initial testing didn’t go so well, contaminating an area of Scotland until 1990. The cakes made were eventually incinerated. Even then, they had backing from many military leaders to give it a shot, but it wasn’t worth making more of the UK uninhabitable with more testing. Special Force Operations That Took An Unexpected Turn.


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