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10 Most Celebrated Athletes Of Ancient Olympics

Through the 12 centuries of the Olympics, many brilliant athletes competed in the hippodrome and the stadium of ancient Olympia’s sacred area, fascinating the crowds with their great achievements. Although mortal, their Olympic victories undoubtedly immortalised them. Of the best athletes who left their mark in Olympia, some went past all limits and turned legends by winning in successive Olympic Games and remaining at the top of their sport for over a decade. Some of their extraordinary achievements, which, even by today’s standards, are the envy of athletes such as Lewis or Nurmi.

The achievements of a few legendary athletes in antiquity are so out of the ordinary that they’re remembered even today, hundreds of years after their death. Listed below are the top 10 celebrated champions of traditional Olympics, accompanied by some attention-grabbing stories and data about them.

1.Onomastos Of Smyrna


Onomastos used to be the first ever Olympic winner in boxing, which was introduced at the 23rd Olympiad in 688 BC. According to historians, he is said to be the one who penned the rules of ancient Greek boxing. With four victories to his credit, Onomastos holds an unbroken record of ‘the boxer with the most Olympic boxing titles’ till date. Laslzo Papp, the world’s greatest amateur boxer of the twentieth century, came close to Onomastos’ record—but he stopped at three Olympic victories, before becoming a professional boxer.


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