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10 Weirdest World Championships To Participate In

World Championships To Participate In Every year, different world championships give the opportunity to people to showcase their expertise and talent at different sporting events, from which only the most competent and talented win. But what about those who aren’t into sports but still want to take part in some kind of championship? We have compiled a list of ten odd-specialty competitions that you can try your hand in, and perhaps even win, without so much as breaking into a sweat.

1.Hide-And-Seek World Championship

Hide-And-Seek World Championship

World Championships To Participate In abandoned Italian village called Consonno, in the foothills of the Alps, turns into a popular playground for fun-loving adults every year. And it is there that the Hide-And-Seek World Championship takes place. It was first held in Bergamo in 2010, only then it was named “Nascondino (hide-and-seek) Championship.” With time, the name as well as the location of the championship were updated.

The rules are pretty simple. Teams are divided into four groups, with one member from each group hiding, whereas a “neutral search team” counts to sixty seconds. The participants then have ten minutes to escape from their hiding spot and hit a target in the middle of the playground, all the while avoiding being caught or found by the search team. And while this game does seem reminiscent of a scene from a horror flick, imagine your pride at being its world champion.


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