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Top 10 Bollywood Stars Who Own Most Expensive Cars

Bollywood stars have always been on the top side of the luxurious lifestyle. These celebrities have a fantasy for expensive cars too which they showcase as expensive means of transport and an expensive show off at parties and celebrity functions. These cars are more or less called celebrity cars. Success has brought a lot of wealth, luxurious lifestyle and so are the expensive cars too. SUVs are a must have for all actors and they are a basic necessity. Other than an SUV they own a few other cars for luxury and status. Foreign brands, Indian ones and mostly with special designs and specifications are all that make their cars unique. Here is a list of top 10 bollywood actors who own the most expensive cars.

1. Shah Rukh Khan


King Khan, is the king of Bollywood in terms of celebrity cars with him owning a 12 crore worth Bugatti Veyron. He also has Audi A6, BMW convertible series sports car, Blue Rolls Royce Phantom, Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero SUV and Bentley continental GT but Veyron is the world’s fastest production car. A beauty in its own way, all eyes will be struck by this car of luxury and why not for the price? Known for luxury, Shah Rukh stands first in the list of actors who own the most expensive cars.


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