The Top 10 Foods That You Must Avoid In PCOS

topThe Top 10 Foods That You Must Avoid In PCOSPCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a hormonal disorder which is affecting a large number of women these days who are in their puberty age. In PCOS, due to the secretion of male hormones at a larger level, the women suffers from an increased amount of facial hairs, irregular periods, weight gain, change in the voice etc.

As per the latest reports and research, the problem is basically caused due to a drastic change in lifestyle as well as diet therefore if one needs to get rid of the problem completely there are certain foods that one must avoid if suffering from PCOS. Eradication of such foods helps in making your body balanced and can maintain the weight which can be very harmful in PCOS.

Here Are The Top 10 Foods That You Must Avoid In PCOS:

1. Say No To Milk And Milk Products

Although a good source of calcium and Vitamin D what is recommended by the doctors is that you should stop the consumption of milk and milk products during PCOS.  It has been observed that the consumption of milk will enhance the production of testosterone in the body thus causing much harm to the body. The protein also secreted in the milk will create a disturbance in the body making it be a dull and lethargic one. In order to decrease the testosterone level, it is advisable to eliminate cheese, yogurt and milk related products in the diet.


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