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10 Curious Medical Cures Used By Our Ancestors

Many of the modern medical procedures are bizarre and some even frightening. And in all fairness, within a few centuries, historians are likely to look back at many of our mainstream treatments and view them as crazy, too. But the common contemporary medical ideas aren’t quite as terrifying as those used in the ancient past. Quackery and torture devices in the name of health were par for the course from giving children heroin for coughs to causing intentional brain damage as a cure for mental illness. However, up to now, suspect medical cures had each been standard and widespread. Have a look at our compiled list of ten of the most amusing historic therapies:

1. Trepanation


Got a migraine? Maybe it would feel better if a doctor drilled a hole into your skull – without anaesthesia! But, probably not. The process of intentionally punching a hole in the skull, known as trepanation, was once considered the best option for mental disorders, epileptic seizures and head injuries, and involved some of the most absolutely terrifying medical instruments you would’ve ever seen. It has been around at least since the Neolithic times, and some people even believe that it has a place in modern medicine.


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