10 Best Foods That Will Make Your Toddler Healthy

Having small children especially toddlers at home require a proper amount of care and affection. They are more prone to get affected with the diseases and require good nutritious food so that with the combating of the challenges they are also able to build greater bodies.

Given below is the list of top 10 foods that you should give to your child to make your toddler healthy and fit:

1. Eggs And Lean Meats


Proteins are the building blocks of the brain and body. Eggs and lean meats are a rich source of protein and will impart your child’s brain with the great amount of development. These superfoods help in providing your child with the greater amount of immunity and contain greater amount of macronutrients. The yellow portion of the egg contains a lot of important vitamins and minerals full of antioxidants.

Lean meats are known to contain the rich source of zinc along with the important minerals that will help in making the production of the white blood cells that work towards fighting with the infection. Though kids doesn’t like to have meat but boiled eggs sprinkled with a tinge of black pepper will definitely help you to make your child enjoy the taste buds.


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