Top 10 Celebrities That Married Ordinary People

It’s a cliché that all celebrities marry other celebrities. Well surely yeah it is common but doesn’t really apply to everyone out there. Some famous people choose to be married to someone who’s outside the spotlight. The possibilities are never ending of course. The best stories you’ll hear are about the couples who fell in love without considering anything except their feelings. And when marriages like these last, they give all of us an inspiration.

1. Matt Damon


American actor Matt Damon married Luciana Barraso in 2005. She worked as a barmaid and he met her in the bar where she worked while shooting for a movie in Miami in the year 2003. The rest is history. He has been quoted as saying that he was lucky to have fallen in love with a civilian. His reasoning was that Luciana’s insignificance in the paparazzi world didn’t change the attention that was focused on him, it stayed the way it was, the way he liked it.


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