Sexy Daughters Of Politicians

The only way any politician gets attention from the public is when he does anything remarkably great to attract attention; their actions don’t matter otherwise. But in this new era of pop culture, entertainment and social media, it is quite easy to get people to notice you. And if you have an attractive, hot daughter, your status is naturally elevated in the people’s eye and you’re suddenly quite sought after. Here are such daughters of various politicians, who have somehow made their fathers famous because of their identity.

1. Abby Huntsman

Abigail Haight Huntsman is the daughter of Jon Huntsman who was a former Utah Governor and also a one-time Republican presidential candidate. It is quite easy to make out why she tops this list – it’s all because of her captivating looks and features that happen to give her a girl-next-door look. Abby Huntsman is also funny, smart and alluring – think Tina Fey meets Kristen Stewart. She was recently a co-host on the MSNBC News show called The Cycle, and currently co-hosts Fox & Friends Weekend. In addition, she is a general assignment reporter for Fox News Channel. Before you start stalking her on social media now, we think you should know that she is also happily married!


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