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10 Bone-Chilling Female Ghost Stories

8. Dolley Madison


The wife of President James Madison, Dolley is often credited with transforming Washington, D.C. from a swamp to a civilized destination to see and be seen. She was known for her winsome spirit, vibrant parties, and for taking exceptional pride in how her tastes shaped the interior design and landscapes of the White House. Dolley is said to have continued the house’s upkeep, even after death. Legend has it that during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, his second wife Edith dared to demand the Rose Garden be ripped up, but every time a gardener drew near the place, Dolley would appear to shoo them away. Since her death in 1849, she’s also been spotted rocking in a chair on the porch of The Cutts-Madison House, where she lived after her tenure as First Lady ended.


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