10 Ways to perfect your English skills today with the help of an online tutor

English is by far one of the most widely spoken languages in the globe. It is a first language in many countries. Though English dialects vary from continent to continent, the same English words are common when it comes to describing things, people, places, events and so on. It is also a language with most online tutors from across the globe. Therefore, wherever you are and want to learn English, there is a likelihood that you will find an online English teacher  to take you through all the steps. Any good online English tutor will definitely help to perfect your English skills to levels you possibly cannot attain by yourself.

Ways to perfect your English skills today with the help of an online tutor

Below are 10 ways to perfect your English skills with the help of an online tutor.

1. Learn to think in English

English is a very versatile subject. It has hundreds of topics to cover and so getting one online teacher that covers all the topics is not easy. Speaking English, as a foreign language is not that easy too but the first step to take is think in English but not your usual language. For example, when you are hungry think this in English and keep repeating, “I’m hungry”

2. Learn to talk aloud

Say your English words aloud to internalize the language and get better at pronunciations. . Instead of thinking just about the words you learn with your online teacher, speak them aloud too in either traffic, in the shower or when you are just relaxing.

3. Listen to English songs

Listen to your best English songs. Your online teacher can help you with the lyrics and the more you sing along with the songs, the better your English will get

4. Watch English movies

English is widely used. Thanks to Hollywood, most of the movies that we watch today whether on line or on video, are in English. Almost every country you travel to, you meet English-speaking people. Therefore, watching English based movies will do a lot of good to your vocabulary and you get to learn many new words and even English slang words.

5. Read English materials widely

There is no better way to grasp the English language than reading English books. Find a book that is easy to understand to begin with and advance to novels, magazines, Facebook posts and so on. This way, you polish your grammar and vocabulary

6. Use social media more often

Use social media to chat with your English-speaking friends and your online tutors as much as possible. If you keep up with the trend, you will be perfect in English within no time.

7. Ask many questions

You have Skype and your online tutor to help you with this. Be nosy and ask as many questions as you can. Being nosy pays in the end as you get to know things you did not know before. Ask your friends on social media questions about everything you need to know.

8. Socialize and go out as often as you can

Go out, socialize and practice your English more often with your English-speaking friends. This will help you to learn more words and build your skills.

9. Have fun while learning English

Having fun will greatly help you to improve your English. You cannot learn anything if you do not have fun doing so. Your online teacher can help you with ideas that will help you in having more fun as you learn your foreign language.

10. Travel to English speaking countries

One of the things your online teacher will encourage you to do in order to perfect your English is travel or visit a place that specifically uses English as a first language. This way you get to interact with people who do not speak your language and before you know it, you will be communicating almost perfectly with them.


Make learning English fun by doing it online with online tutors. You will save not only time but also costs while at the same time learning a lot more than you could have on your own. Start speaking English like a native and see how fun it is.