This Is What Birthday Boy Narendra Modi’s Birthday Bash Will Probably Look Like Today

Mr. Narendra Modi is, arguably, one of the most charismatic leaders this nation has had in recent times. Respected not just in India, he’s somehow managed to strike a non-political rapport with world leaders as well. 

So, we wondered how he might be celebrating his birthday today. Take a look.

1. He’ll be giving background score while people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.

Considering he’s an accomplished drummer, background score toh banta hai. “Happy birthday to you!” * Ba dum tss! *

Source: Lolz Poke


2. He’ll be busy welcoming the guests. And ignoring the rest.

While the well-wishers will be welcomed…

Source: Economic Times


Source: NBT



… the haters won’t be getting any return gifts.

Source: ANI


3. Of course, there will be that one guest who’d said they won’t be able to make it but will come nonetheless.

“Listen, I might not be able to make it”

* Finally makes it * Boo yeah!

Source: Vishva3


4. His friends will probably make a birthday video for him.

A compilation of the weirdest things people have said about him or to him? Sounds like an excellent video idea!


5. He WILL get tons of presents. Which he WILL show-off

“Look what Arun Jaitley got me! Best birthday evaaahhhh!”

Source: Madame Tussauds


Of course there’ll be some who’ll show no innovation at all.



6. He’ll be the bona fide, certified DJ for the evening and will play patriotic songs from Border and LOC Kargil


7. There will be drinks at the party!

Sponsored by Patanjali. Jaise taaze falon ka rass rahe hon choos, aise hain Patanjali ke fruit juice.


8. There will be a tea-flavoured cake.

Why drink it when you can eat it?


Happy birthday once again Modi ji! Have a great one!

A Man Who Learnt Photography In Prison Took These Striking Photos After Being Released

Life may not always go as planned. But despite plans changing entirely and forever, some among us manage to conquer our dreams against all odds. This is the story of such a man. A man that did not let a prison sentence jail his passion for photography.

According to Upworthy, a series of thefts and petty crimes led Donato Di Camillo into the prison, but he did a lot more there than simply serving his time. With the help of literature he discovered at the prison library, he taught himself photography and the world subsequently found a talented artist.

Source: Upworthy


When he got out of prison in 2011, Di Camillo knew exactly what he wanted to do and he went straight to work. Equipped merely with his learnings from old issues of National Geographic, Life and Time magazines, how-to books and YouTube tutorial videos, he proved his talent to the world and to himself.

Source: Upworthy


When Di Camillo was a child, his family could not even afford film for their polaroid camera. But even in his dire circumstances, young Donato used to pretend with his film-less camera to be on an African safari, capturing magnificent beasts in all their natural beauty, and dreamed of someday being one of the iconic behind-the-lens heroes of the world.

Source: Upworthy


Once out of prison, he set out in New York with a camera, to capture a side of life distinctly different from what most of us are used to seeing.

Donato’s subjects are often homeless, mentally-ill, interesting characters or just anything but ordinary from around the city. He mentions that his street smarts and his time on the outside of conventional society were key in helping him approach and connect with people that other photographers may have struggled with.

Source: Upworthy


“These people walk around, and they’re faceless,” he said. “I feel that everybody deserves a face.”

Source: Upworthy


“I think we all relate to each other in one way or another, whether someone’s laying in the street or running a Fortune 500 company,” Di Camillo added.

He doesn’t care too much for other people’s response to his work. He believes that not everyone will get it, and that’s okay.

Source: Upworthy


De Camillo wants his subjects to know that the reason he photographs them is because he sees something in them that he sees in himself, or the rest of the world could see in themselves.

Source: Upworthy


He remains true to his cause of showing people what they often don’t see, be it incidentally or on purpose, and he’s certainly proud of the impact his work has had on his life.

This Mysterious Circular Rotating Island Discovered In Argentina Is Baffling Scientists Everywhere

There is no dearth of mysterious and baffling things on this planet and scientists have come across another such unexplainable sight in the deserted swampy marshes of ‘Parana Delta’ in northern Argentina. An enigmatic almost circular island named ‘The Eye’ has allegedly been seen rotating on its own axis while floating on a pond of clear water and has been seen leaning against the walls of its outer circle. 

Around 118 meters in diameter, scientists suspect it has existed since 2003. However, its nearly perfect shape and its firm hard terrain despite being surrounded by marshy land has piqued the curiosity of scientists who want to delve further into the mystery. As Oddity Central reported, the water seemed unusually clear and cold and the island was floating on something but it could not be determined over what exactly.

Watch it to believe it here:


Source: YouTube

Crazy theories are cropping up to explain the island ranging from how it might be hiding an alien base to how it explains God’s existence on Earth. There’s even a documentary being made on it to explain the phenomenon. 

Guess we’ll wait for the documentary to figure out what it really is. 

Holland Supports Local Pet Adoption, Punishes Animal Abusers & Has No Strays. India, Take Note

Every other day, a video of animal cruelty surfaces on the internet but all we do is frown and curse the people responsible, and the government that appears to do nothing about it. India has a huge population of stray dogs and with rising incidents of animal torture, it has become a big problem in our country. While one man mercilessly threw a poor dog off a roof, another was seen swinging a dog ruthlessly.  

Is this how we should treat man’s best friend? Isn’t it our responsibility to protect the helpless animals who can’t do much about its own safety?

Seems like we can learn a lot from Netherlands, where you won’t find even a single stray dog on the road. The reason? From laws that mandate it to put animal abusers in jail to free sterilization, this video shows how the Dutch government made it possible: 

Source:  Facebook/NYPost

India can definitely learn a lot from Netherlands! 

Did You Know What Names These 21 Common Drugs Go By On The Streets?

If you’re anything like me, you’re also probably pretty lost when random drug jargon is thrown around in conversation as if you’re in a room of Jim Morrisons. What exactly is smack? What all do people call roofies? How many damn names are there for heroin? Who knows, right?

We do. So wonder no more, people. Here are some of the many names that these 21 deadly drugs are commonly known by.

1. Cocaine

One of the most notorious illicit drugs, cocaine is a snorted, smoked or injected for it’s famed burst of energy or euphoria.


2. LSD

This psychedelic drug gives its user a 12-hour trip that’s characterised by hallucinations and out-of-body experiences.


3. Heroin

Intensely addictive and injected with a needle, this one creates a numb, euphoric high and goes by many names.


4. GHB

Illegally used often as a date-rape drug, GHB or Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid is a strong psychoactive drug.


5. Marijuana

A psychoactive drug that has several medicinal properties too, marijuana can be smoked, vaped or eaten and is mostly characterised by its generated change in perception and a distinct increase in appetite.



A common go-to party drug, MDMA or Methylenedioxy-Methamphetamine causes a rush of dopamine to the brain.


7. Meth or Methamphetamine

Nearly three times as powerful as cocaine, with a high that lasts for hours, Meth is a strong stimulant that can be smoked or injected for an intense high.


8. PCP

PCP or Phencyclidine is a dissociative anesthetic drug that drives users into disorientation, and causes a loss of bodily and mental control.


9. Adderall

A strong amphetamine and originally intended to help with ADHD, Adderall is often abused as a drug to induce a focused rush of positivity and energy.


10. Bath Salts

These cleaning chemicals have become popular recreational intoxicants with intense and sometimes irreversible side effects.


11.  Ketamine

Designed as a veterinary anaesthetic, this colourless liquid or white powder has a tranquillising effect.


12. Mushrooms

Psychedelic mushrooms, usually plainly eaten, contain mind-altering chemicals that lead to hallucinations and euphoria.


13. Ritalin

Ritalin is a slightly less common, but equally dangerous relative of the drug Adderall. Commonly prescribed for ADHD, it is now commonly abused for a quick high.


14. Vicodin

This powerful painkiller is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen and is popularly misused despite its great potential for addiction.


15. Xanax

This anti-anxiety medication has become an increasingly abused drug that has a relaxing effect, but is highly addictive.


16. Fentanyl

Fentanyl is extremely potent, synthetic opioid pain medication that gives the user a warm and dulled high.


17. Roofie or Rohypnol

Though the drug has medical uses, it has a paralysing effect and is often illegally used as a date-rape drug.


18. Oxycodone

A strong narcotic painkiller, oxycodone is a tablet that is often crushed and snorted.


What’s in a name, one might ask. But after reading this, you probably won’t.

Groovy designs by Disha Bhanot

Masthead source: The Daily Opinion

These Shocking Stats Show How India Wastes More Than ₹92,000 Crore Every Year Without Batting An Eye

At some point of time or other, you must have come across a group of urchins looking for food leftovers in the dustbin. It is indeed a common sight. Now hold on to that picture in your mind and read this – 

According to Hindustan Times, around 67 million tonnes of food is wasted in India every year, which has a value of around Rs 92,000 crore. And it’s enough to feed all of Bihar for a year.

This value equals nearly two-thirds of the amount that the government needs to feed 600 million poor Indians with subsidised ration under the National Food Security programme.

Source: The Huffington Post


 Here are some more alarming facts that show how much food wastage there actually is:

1. India wastes as much food as is consumed by the United Kingdom, says the CSR journal.

2. According to a written statement given to the parliament in 2013 by former agriculture minister Sharad Pawar, nearly 40% of the total produce is wasted every year in the country.

Source: News of Gujarat


3. Each year, around 21 million metric tonnes of wheat rots in India. The figure is almost equal to Australia’s total annual production.

4. To produce the food which ultimately gets wasted, India is estimated to use more than 230 cubic kilometres of fresh water annually, enough to provide drinking water to 100 million people a year.

And these figures aren’t just affecting the nation’s economy and the environment. This grim reality points out another major issue in India, i.e. hunger. 

Source: WordPress


1. According to a UNICEF report, one-quarter of the world’s undernourished live in India.

2. India ranks 55 out of 76 countries on the Global Hunger Index, lagging behind much poorer neighbours like Nepal (44) and Sri Lanka (39). 


3. According to a report published by charity organisation Oxfam, the number of hungry people has increased by 65 million between 1990-2005, which sums to be more than the entire population of France. 

4. According to a survey done by Bhook (an organization working towards reducing hunger) in 2013, around 20 crore Indians sleep hungry on any given night. 

Source: Blogspot


After going through the statistics, one thing is certain that India produces enough food to feed everyone. However, we have got to realise that in order to feed more, we need to waste less.

Though we are aware of the fact that only the government can take major actions to prevent food wastage in India, we, on a personal level, can act more proactively to minimise it. Or do we need another abhiyaan to remind ourselves the basic things we should actually be taking care of?

Feature image source: Financial Times Blog

Masthead image source: New Leaf Dynamic

This 3D Model Of A Clitoris Dispels The Mystery Surrounding It & Answers Some Important Questions

Sex has always been a taboo in Indian culture. Remember all the blood gushing to your cheeks when the biology teacher said the word ‘penis’ in class 7? Yes. That. It is not talked about as much as it should have and unawareness amongst most of us is often alarming. Well, that being said, what is even more alarming is the detrimental reality that:-

(a) Men are living in complete oblivion on how they can satisfy women (because they somehow can never find the damn clitoris.)

(b) Young women and girls are typically shamed for celebrating their bodies and enjoying sexual pleasure.

All we’re saying is that — it is okay. We get it. There is nothing to be ashamed about at all.

Source: Mic


This misery might have just marked its end (well, a part of it!). This September, the world’s first open-source, anatomically correct, printable 3D clitoris would be available for primary to secondary level students across France as a part of their sex education, tackling gender inequality in the same amongst other important lessons. 

This wishbone resembling replica of a clitoris — the blueprint of which can be downloaded and used anywhere — has ben created by a Paris-based socio-medical researcher Odile Fillod in collaboration with photographer Marie Docher, as The Guardian reports.

Source: ufunk


Considering how far we have come with all the technological advancements where scientists are now on the brink of discovering the fifth dimension, this might have taken a bit too long.

All hail 3D printing technology which has made the distribution of this model possible. What is even more intriguing is the fact that a detailed portrayal of the clitoris was produced only recently. Just how recently are we talking? Try 2009.

In an interview with The Guardian , Fillod said 

“It’s important that women have a mental image of what is actually happening in their body.”

This independent researcher’s tiny sculpture will help students learn that the clitoris is made up of the same tissue as the penis.

She added, 

“In understanding the key role of the clitoris, a woman can stop feeling shame. It’s also vital to know that the [female] equivalent of a penis is not a vagina, it’s [a] clitoris. Women get erections when they’re excited, only you can’t see them because most of the clitoris is internal. I wanted to show that men and women are not fundamentally different.”

Source: Lovelace


If it interests you, you may watch the development and printing of the 3D clitoris by Marie Docher on vimeo below.


The French have undoubtedly inspired us Indians in ways more than one; feminist sex education can now be added to that list. This has been a major step towards strengthening sex education in the region. The question is — how soon will this be adopted in the Indian sex-education system and given the kind of importance that it deserves?

Looking For Fun Things To Do In Delhi NCR This Weekend? Here Are 13 Events You Can Choose From

The weekend is almost here. Two days of sleeping till noon, no getting stuck in traffic for hours, no meetings and no work. Phew! Just can’t wait for it, can you? But what other plans do you have apart from sleeping and lazying around on your bed? 

How about trying some new things this weekend? There’s so much happening around the city on weekends and the best part is that there is something for everyone! Here’s your weekend itinerary sorted!

Here are some events happening in and around Delhi that you can attend this weekend:


1. 4th Woodpecker International Film Festival 

If you’re a film enthusiast, you should definitely check this festival out. No better way to spend the weekend appreciating cinema and meeting like-minded people. 

When: 15-18 September, 9:30 AM onwards

Where: Siri Fort Auditorium

Tickets: Entry Free (Passes available at the venue)

For more details, check here.

Source: 4th Woodpecker International Film Festival


2. Unlock the Hidden Sherlock in You

If your idea of a weekend is to do something exciting, get Sherlocked by spending the weekend escaping from a room full of horrors, by solving puzzles and finding clues. 

When: Ongoing till 30 October, 11 AM – 6 PM 

Where: Mystery Rooms, B-7/9, Rajouri Garden, Ring Road, Near Guru Nanak Marble House, New Delhi

Tickets: ₹500

For more details, check here.

Source: Mystery Rooms – Delhi


3. 500px Red Bull Photography Global Photo Walk 

If you’re into photography, then this photo walk is meant for you. What’s more, you don’t need a DSLR to participate, a decent mobile camera or a point-and-shoot would work too!

When: 17 September, 4 PM onwards

Where: Lotus Temple

Tickets: Free (online registration)

For more details, check here



4. Delhi’s Night Food Tour Bus 

Well, what can be better than exploring Delhi’s night life through its street food!

When: 18 – 25 September

Where: Hauz Khas Gate No. 3, Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Marg, RBF Staff Quarters, Mayfair Gardens, Hauz Khas, Delhi

Tickets: ₹999 

For more details, check here



5. Reader’s Break: The Great Gatsby 

Fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works? Then attend this discussion on his acclaimed and popular novel and meet other Fitzgerald lovers. Don’t forget to carry your copy of the book. 

When: 17 September, 6 PM onwards

Where: CAARA Cafe, 17, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, British Council, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Tickets: Entry Free

For more details, check here.



6. Singleton Street Fare at Le Meridien 

All of India’s street food in one place; a celebration you don’t want to miss!

When: 17 September, 6 PM – 8:30 PM

Where: Le Meridien, Windsor Place, Janpath, Near India Gate, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Tickets: ₹1500 per person

For more details, check here



7. IHC Walk 

Explore the exemplary works of late artist KG Subramanyan. A must visit for all art and poetry lovers!

When: 17 September, 11 AM onwards

Where: India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, Near Air Force Bal Bharati School, New Delhi

Tickets: On-spot registration

For more details, check here.




8. Banaras – The Music City of UNESCO 

Enjoy a cultural evening, lost in the folk music and dance of the city of Banaras. 

When: 17 September, 7 PM onwards

Where: The Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, Near Air Force Bal Bharati School, New Delhi

Tickets: Entry Free (First-come first-served basis)

For more details, check here



9. Bulla Kee Jana Main Kaun 

Treat your soul to the beautiful sufi music of Baba Bulle Shah, one of the most celebrated poets of his time. 

When: 18 September, 7 PM – 9 PM

Where: Amaltas (Basement Theatre), India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, Near Air Force Bal Bharati School, New Delhi

Tickets: Entry free

For more details, check here



10. Nucleya ‘Raja Baja’ Album Launch 

Love EDM? Add some funk to your weekend with Nucleya’s album launch this weekend! 

When:  18 September, 3 PM onwards

Where: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

Ticket: ₹999-₹1999

For more details, check here



11. Movement in the Park | Theatre & Dance 

A play and a dance performance can be the best way to spend your weekend. 

When: 17 September, 7 PM onwards

Where: Vasant Vatika, Opposite C 2 Community Centre, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Tickets: Entry free

For more details, check here



12. Poetry Darbaar #10, Gurgaon 

If you’re deep into poetry, then this meet is worth attending. Don’t forget to bring your poems along. 

When: 18 September, 11:30 AM onwards

Where: Leisure Valley Park, Sector-29, Gurgaon, Haryana

Tickets: Entry Free

For more details, check here.



13. Greater Noida Book Fair

Whats’ better than reading a book? Spending an entire day with the books you love! And you can do exactly that at the Greater Noida Book Fair.

When: 15 – 18 September, 11 AM – 7 PM

Where: India Expo Centre & Mart, 25-29, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida – 201306

Tickets: Entry free

For more details, check here.



Weekend plans sorted!

Masthead Image Source: | Feature Image Source: Mind Rocks 2016 – Youth Festival

Apple’s Latest iOS 10 Software Displays Porn Images When Users Search For GIFs

Tech giant Apple got into an embarrassing situation after its users found porn while searching for GIFs in an app present in its latest software iOS 10.

The matter came to light after some users discovered that they are getting strange results for search in the iMessage app. For instance on searching the word ‘huge’ in the gif search category, one could receive the pictures of genitals, reports Gizmodo.

Following many such cases, Apple is now banning specific search terms, and trying to bring some changes in its software by removing certain images from other searches.

Source: Reuters


Some words like “fisting,” “blowjob,” and “terrorist how-to” alongwith some other terms are being removed by the firm, the report adds.

Th requests for all the terms that could lead to provocative content are being blocked by Apple and the content is being controlled. But the clampdown is also leading to ban of simple words like “bounce” and “huge”.

To ensure better results of searches, Apple is also cleaning previous queries and results.

Inside The Yadav vs Yadav Political Saga & Whose Head Will Roll. Hint: Starts With An A!

It’s not the Mahabharata that’s unfolding in Uttar Pradesh’s first family, the Yadav clan – but a more earthy dangal as the irate wrestler father, Mulayam Singh seeks to wrest back control from his cyclist son and chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav.

And, as elections approach, Tipu a.k.a. Akhilesh has finally shown his family who’s the boss. The motley crew of those trying to derail Tipu, include usual suspect Amar Singh in permanent audition for the role of Shakuni in every party brave enough to allow him entry. Sources now say that while Mulayam Singh (Netaji) will call a family counsel and present a united Yadav front with the family, outsider “uncle Amar” will be made the fall guy.

Akhilesh Yadav and Mulayam Singh | Source: PTI 


Subroto Roy Sahara who has been on a roll since his Tihar parole, which has now been extended by another week, and Ram Gopal Yadav along with Azam Khan who loathes Amar Singh have jointly and singly run interference for Tipu. They have convinced Netaji that “uncle Amar” who was trying to run a parallel administration in Noida and greater Noida along with Shivpal Yadav via transferred chief secretary Singhal, has to go.

So the family will reunite with Shivpal, with his wife Sudha and son getting back their official roles while Amar after a grace period will be put out to pasture. Battling for Amar Singh were two media tycoons, one of whom is believed to be finance minister Arun Jaitley’s best friend.

It all started with a posh party at the Maurya ITC in Delhi thrown by Singh to felicitate Zee’s Subash Chandra’s entry into the Rajya Sabha via the pen rebellion in Haryana cong. A source present at the do said, as events unfolded Amar Singh and the lady compere waxed eloquent about Aveek Sarkar who was also present there. Singh told the guests that “Sarkar was his friend when he was not even the ‘Amar Singh’”.

Amar Singh | Source: PTI


A visibly embarrassed Sarkar left the stage as Chandra was being felicitated. The two are not known to get along. Rajat Sharma was also present and so was chief secretary Singhal.

Akhilesh had vehemently opposed the return of Amar with his penchant for snoop devices and was livid to learn that at the do, Singh boasted that he would “finish Tipu”. Already upset with Netaji for his frequent public rebukes and the projection of his step sister-in-law Aparna Yadav as the new bahu about to enter politics, Yadav junior decided that enough was enough.

Both he and his wife, Dimple Yadav who is an elected MP are chary about Aparna’s public bid to enter politics, her large entourage and penchant for praising Modi. While Netaji’s son from his second wife Sadhana Prateek is content being a body builder, his wife is in direct competition with Dimple.

As Netaji listened to uncle Amar he was in for an unpleasant surprise. The prodigal son rebelled, and his last words to his father allegedly were, “you decide, I am your son. I have to win the UP elections, not Singhal, Chandra or uncle Amar. This is a golden opportunity to repair our lawless image”.

Shivpal Yadav and Amar Singh | Source: PTI 


Netaji was not entirely convinced, so Junior cut off all communications and even stated publicly that he would cycle away from the Yadav clan. It was following this that the chorus of Khan, Sahara and Yadav started up, which is when Netaji saw reason.

A likely outcome is that status quo may be restored for Shivpal, since Akhilesh told him emotionally, “you are my chacha take everything. But, don’t give milk to the snake”. The snake in the Yadav grass has always been Amar.

Akhilesh has sent a clear message that the Mulayam era is over and he will now run the Samajwadi Party the way he wants. It’s been nearly five years for him to declare his independence and stop being a spare CM.

After all, it’s Indian politics and it’s all about loving your own family. So even Aparna’s candidature has been cleared. Abhi toh party shuru hui hai. 

Disclaimer: The information, ideas or opinions appearing in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the views of ScoopWhoop. ScoopWhoop does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same. 

Feature Image Source: PTI