10 Infinity Pools in the World Spectacular Natural

An infinity pool gets its name from the visual effect it creates, if extending all the way up to the horizon or ‘infinity’, owing to its invisible edge or perimeter. The concept is believed to have been used for the first time in France, where, in the early 1600s, and is now used in many… Read More »

Should you Trust The Indian Government Run DigiLocker? A Security Expert’s View.

Should you Trust The Indian Government Run DigiLocker? Here’s A Security Expert’s View. DigiLocker, a government-run free personal storage service provider available to Aadhar account holders announced that it had over 1.5 lakh registrations since its launch in February 2015. Despite the limited storage space provided (10 MB), DigiLocker has received 28,317 registrations from Madhya… Read More »

Jobs that don’t require a degree

The fight for a well-paid job without a degree is a tough one but there are still a handful of roles out there where you can earn serious money without a degree level qualification. Job search engine Adzuna has pulled data on hundreds of thousands of job listings over the past year to find which… Read More »